We Left Our Mark

PlanetKelli loves a good surprise! So, I cannot help myself but create the unexpected for my guests. Something that leaves an everlasting impression for which they had no clue is always the goal.

In Berlin, we started out by leaving the comforts of our fabulous Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Rome just after breakfast. No one was privy where we were headed. Each had guesses but no one was remotely close.

The driver pulled into a less than polished looking area of town. We stopped at an abandoned building. Still my group wondered where we were and grasped at clues to no avail. Then, a guy dressed in casual black attire approached. I got out of the vehicle to meet him. It was the person I was expecting. He was a renowned “tagger” with works from Paris to Berlin and points beyond. I believe when he started his “career” it may have been underground but now not only legal but his art is recognized throughout the globe. I hired him as our personal graffiti instructor who would lead us straight to the Berlin wall to leave Our Mark!

Each was issued a pair of overalls as I had to make sure my guests’ clothing would be protected.

We had a briefing by our head artiste and began to ink the wall in PlanetKelli! Who else but PlanetKelli and her connections would conjure up an activity where we would leave a piece of ourselves on the Berlin Wall?

Everyone was blown away. It was something each of us will never forget.