Waking Up in Bali

After a long journey to this Indonesian spot on the globe, I have a restful sleep in Seminyak Hotel and rise to the chattering of birds I’m not familiar with and an orchestra of waves playing for surfers looking for the next big curl.

Bali HotelAs I walk to early breakfast, a Jill Scott song fills an otherwise still lobby bar with the perfect vibe for the “cool”… well yes, that would be me. Ahh. I am here waking up in Bali. And I will have tea and curry and House Cured Salmon Pumpkin Latke a la creme fraiche or Balinese Moringa Rice Porridge or smashed avocado sourdough toast or maybe all of it and fruit and whatever else I fancy.

Bali RestaurantHey, and let’s not forget the “beverage chemist” stopping by to force a cucumber celery drink on me injected with a shot of hibiscus! Yes, please. After all, I am at the W Hotel, which stands for “Whatever, Whenever”. Let the day begin.

Bali Breakfast

Bali Beverage Chemist

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