Paris October 2011

I’ve been to Paris many times before but this one takes the cake! It was my favorite of all. Why? Everyone and everything seemed to be at their best! Let’s begin at the Hotel le Bristol. And to see this place, take a peek at the movie “Midnight in Paris”; it takes place at Le Bristol. From the valet to the GM – each delivered a most superb hospitality and after all isn’t that what travel should be all about? Now I know what some of you are thinking; aren’t the French rude? Don’t they dislike Americans? Well if they did, they like us a bunch now and I for one am happy to come to their party! Especially at Le Bristol! It reeks of Paris; from the Dining room to the croissants. From the room keys (which I seemed to always have trouble with…but I’m just BAD with keys anyway!) to the beautifully scented Hermes soaps in the bathroom (I adore that soap!). And I had probably the best omelet of my life; just cheesy goodness. And for dinner – dined at Faubourg 114 – the best new brasserie in the city! Champagne, frois gras, tartare…no wonder why my pants are tight!

And wanna know what else I love about this city? The DOGS! Yes Paris Has Gone To The Dogs! They seem to have a special “je ne sais quoi” and are so very sweet and fashionable! You see them everywhere and they’re allowed at the FINEST places in town!

And nighttime in Paris is always magic now that the Eiffel Tower lights up like diamonds and sparkles every hour on the hour. Pure fantasy come true.

Next was my first time on the Orient Express barge through Burgundy from Dijon to St. Helen de Loges. Idyllic, bucolic, a gastronomic journey. Our chef of the Amaryllis was an artist in the kitchen. And our tour director Nick (who really knows his wines and the country of France well made our time absolutely perfect.

After finishing a too short trip aboard the Amaryllis I ventured from Burgundy to the S. of France by train straight to Nice! Rain hit my window off and on which made the time more romantic I think than if the sun were out. From train station in Nice to my dear friend's house in Villefranche Sur Mer…incredibly beautiful village perched high atop the French Riviera with views of St. John du Cap on the Mediterranean, neighboring Monte Carlo and the border of Italy just minutes away. And all I could think of was…”my friend calls this home away from home”? Quite simply a charmed life I must say.


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