Italy: Pizza Beyond

If I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do about it (if I wanted to survive) hands down it would be PIZZA. I could easily eat it every day 3 times a day. It has all I need: dough, sauce and cheese.

Now if I can be picky and have my favorite pizza’s that’s pretty simple too. The number one pizza in the world hails from New Jersey. And lets call it what I really is and that is Pie! Something about the thin crust, Jersey pizza is perfect. It’s foldable, the cheese is slippery, the dough made with that exceptional Artesian Well water which gives it a clean flavor and light- as- a -feather texture. They get the award for best Pie!

Next up, New York. Everything I said about the Jersey pizza they do almost equally well but overall still Jersey does it thinner and better.

Now for a pizza I would not have thought I would like, I have to say the Chicago deep dish by none other than Lou Malnati’s is a work of art. The crackery crust filled with sausage or Italian beef and peppers, San Marzano tomato’s and sprinkled with a dusting of parmesan cheese is something to behold. I love it

so much I order it shipped on dry ice and it tastes as good as being there at the table in downtown Chicago. And don’t talk to me about Giordano’s because I’m sorry. Nope. Not even close! Sorry.

And well I would be remiss not to mention the pizza from Naples, Sorrento and Venice, Italy. It’s light as air, yummy as one could image and I can eat the entire pie myself and have numerous times. In fact, I have taken my clients on a whirl-wind pizza tasting along the Amalfi coast while on a cruise stop. The mission was accomplished! We ate our way through that coast no problem!