Christmas Markets on the Rhine 2023

PlanetKelli’s next escorted VIP Experience to Christmas Markets on the Rhine
December 11 – 18th, 2023.
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It’s absolutely the most wonderful time of the year! As kids we could not wait for Santa to arrive. The months seem to take years until December rolls around and the excitement of the season has finally come. Then as adults when responsibilities have stepped in and so much needs to be done with this feeling of never having enough time to get things accomplished before the 25th of December. Then all of a sudden, boom, by the 26th it’s all over and time to dismantle the huge production of it all.

But what I have discovered is the chance to seize childlike elements of Christmastime and go back to those years, instead, as an adult and recapture joy in a fairytale setting throughout Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands and points beyond where the Markets are overflowing with hot Glühwein, frosty champagne, spiked cocoa, yummy foods, local arts, crafts and music to delight your senses. And what better way to do this than by luxury river cruise along the Danube or the Rhine?

Unpack once and stop daily for visits to the best decorated towns and villages to see the lights that rival what you thought were the most sensationally decked halls to what you will now witness, tops anything else you’ve seen before. Christmas Markets is at the top of PlanetKelli’ s list of not-to-be missed and is worth repeating as often as possible with your closest friends or family. It’s the gift to yourself you will never want to return!

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As for accompanying Kelli on any trip, there is no finer ringmaster than her. If any trouble crops up, she’s there for her people, and always finds a way to make things right. On our river cruises, she even managed to secure a private room for us to share dinner in every evening. At the conclusion of our Danube cruise in Vienna, I shared my disappointment in being unable to obtain tickets to the Peter Breugel exhibit at the Kuntshistorisches museum. Kelli arranged with the concierge at our hotel to supply us with a pair of tickets. I was blown away that she could do that for us. And even more mind-blowing was that they were complementary.

— Randall M. Boise, ID

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