Best Hospitality at 40,000 Feet Above the Earth

Singapore Airlines is unquestionably the best hospitality in the sky.  From the moment you begin to take a step over the threshold of the plane at least two attendants take charge of your carry on bag and lift it inside while greeting you with smiles wide enough to show every last tooth they have.   This type of service carried on till I arrived.

It is no wonder they win the award for top airline in the world year after year.   Others should take a lesson. 

Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta

December 2011

I AM a SPA SNOB.   Pure and simple;  I want my surroundings to be beautiful, treatments that touch me to the core, food that delights and service which humbles me.  I found this at Rancho La Puerta!  This place has a soul.  And all within a 2 – 3 hour drive from Los Angeles.

The landscape is very different from Southern California.  RLP is situated at the foot of  Kuchumaa mountain peak, just minutes from the San Diego border to the east in Tecate, Mexico.  The hills are a mosaic of pre-historic boulders and lush chaparral.  The greet staff who escorted us from the San Diego Airport were warm, welcoming and brimming with smiles.  Crossing the border was uneventful and fairly quick.


Service at the ranch exceeded my expectations.  You can tell these people really love what they do and are treated well by management.  Some have been with RLP for 50 years!  They must have been BORN here right?!

Rancho La Puerta was developed 70 years ago, in the midst of world war II when the planet was definitely tilted on its axis.  And those who were seeking an affordable escape and place to healthfully edify their soul could capture it at “the Ranch”, albeit “tent city” accommodations.  Now fast forward to 2011, it still has an authentic setting; organic foods all grown on property, tents have been replaced by rustic casita’s (some quite spacious villas with fireplaces), innovative dishes and unique treatments difficult to find elsewhere.  Morning hikes in and among the hills and don’t miss the “organic breakfast hike”!  D-E-L-I-S-H!  As Rancho La Puerta was basically the first destination spa others have fashioned themselves after, you destination spa aficionados will feel a sense of déjà vu going on here…and that is because Rancho La Puerta put the concept on the map.

I highly recommend RLP if one is desperate for a kick start to a new and low fat (yet tasty) regime.  After just 4 days I lost pounds without even trying and gained power I had not expected!  Perhaps it’s the legendary energy invoked by ancient Kumeyaay Indian shaman’s buried in the foothills surrounding the Ranch.  I hope to return to Rancho La Puerta someday soon with clients next time who are looking for this vibe off a decidedly less beaten path!