Australia Down Under

Let me just start by saying…THIS is how I began my Sydney adventure with FORK and KNIFE in hand and DOVE right into this plate of the freshest, sweetest shell fish I’ve had in a long long time. And it certainly helped being at the best place in the city on the water! This is just what one must do after a long flight in.


Then I head down to the Southern Highlands, about an hour and half outside of Sydney where the open spaces, kangaroo, wombat and Koala Bear hang out.


Next I hop a flight to Ayers Rock to see the iconic Uluru as the indigenous people affectionately refer to it. And there’s only ONE place to stay and that is Longitude 131. Service is impeccable; Accommodations are smartly engineered tented units with unparalled views of the “Rock”.


As you can see Ayers Rock sits at the Horizon. From a distance it just looks like a solid mass but up close it is something completely different to behold. You can almost feel the magnetic pull from this stories-high imposing rock formation which is greatly respected by the mysterious indigenous people of this land.
And while hiking around the base of this mountain with guides from Longitude 131 I was spoiled with a surprise picnic of champagne…and oysters! Poor me!


While on your next visit “Down Under” DON’T pass up a visit to Ayers Rock and a MUST STAY at Longitude 131 for a completely pampered yet adventurous experience!

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